Arnon Kater MD

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Arnon Kater is professor of Translational Hematology at the University of Amsterdam’s faculty of Medicine (AMC-UvA). His fundamental, translational and clinical research as a Clinical Hematologist is focused on lymphatic cancer (lymphoma), in particular chronic lymphatic leukemia (CLL). He is one of the founders of the Lymphoma and Myeloma Center Amsterdam (LYMMCARE), a specialist knowledge center where the AMC-UvA’s Clinical Hematology, Experimental Immunology, and Pathology departments have joined forces since 2012. Within the Amsterdam University Medical Center, he is deputy head of the Department of Hematology, Dean of the Hematology Specialty Program, and chairman of the Good Clinical Research Committee. In addition, he chairs the Dutch CLL working group at the Hemato-Oncology Foundation for Adults in the Netherlands (HOVON) and is a member of the editorial board of the journals Blood and Haematologica. In collaborations with various pharma companies, Prof. Kater is involved in developments leading to new treatment modalities.
Prof. Kater was trained as an internist (hematologist) at the AMC-UvA. In 2006, he obtained his PhD in research into cell death regulation in CLL cells. Prof. Kater has been a staff member of the Internal Medicine Department at the AMC-UvA since 2007, and principal researcher in Clinical Hematology since 2012. From 2008 to 2009 he also worked as a postdoc at the Moores Cancer Center and the Laboratory of Gene Regulation and Signal Transduction at the University of California (San Diego, US). He co-authored over 100 manuscripts that together have been cited more than 4,000 times.